Physical Data Destruction

Securely destroying your data beyond recovery

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Physical Destruction

Physical data destruction is meant to stop any data leaks that may occur post media retirement. Physical destruction is the most trusted method and highly recommended by data security experts to completely destroy all media and leaving the data unrecoverable.

Possible sources of data leaks are:

  1. Selling or disposing of computers without properly destroying data.
  2. Returning defective hard drives to vendors with data intact.
  3. Disposing of useful hard drives without appropriately erasing data.

Businesses can physically destroy data in several different ways of ways, such as disk shredding, crushing, melting or any other method that makes physical storage media unusable and unreadable.

Physical Data Destruction

Our physical data destruction services are utilized by companies ranging from Fortune 500 and small businesses to government agencies and financial institutions alike. Our data destruction equipment and processes meet the all industry and federal regulation specifications for optical media destruction.

physical data destruction

Advantages of destroying your data

The biggest advantage of physically destroying your data is that it provides the highest guarantee of complete data destruction. The possibility that someone can recreate or recover the data from a disk or drive that’s been physically destroyed is highly unlikely.

Disadvantages of destroying your data

Physical data destruction can be a very expensive method to permanently destroy your data, given the capital expenses involved. Even more so, physical destruction is not the most fiscally responsible long-term strategy.

However, Intel has found that physical destruction is an effective method of destroying data when transferring storage media for degaussing is not practical or secure. Intel works with scrap contractors that melt down and reclaim precious metals, having them melt down the hard drives and recycle the metal.