Hard Drive Disposition

Securely removing data used from hard drives.

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Hard Drive Disposition

Is your organization getting ready for a big upgrade? Are you going to be disposing of, or repurposing a lot of hard drives?

If your answer is yes, then you need our Hard Drive Disposition service!

What is Hard Drive Disposition?

Hard Drive Disposition, is the process of removing data and testing hard drives, before they will be re-used in an IT system.

WeBuyUsedITequipment provides Hard Drive Disposition services for many different IT situations.

Why perform Hard Drive Disposition?

  • Money – You can securely eradicate the data from your hard drives, sell them to us, and recoup some of the costs of your old IT infrastructure
  • Time – To certify that drives are ready for reuse in your IT environment, and to smooth out the repurposing process
  • Security – Some companies have to meet extremely strict data security requirements, in these cases we can Degauss or Shred your drives, to make sure that all data is gone forever.

WeBuyUsedITequipment offers 3 Levels of Hard Drive Disposition Services:

  1. Clear – WeBuyUsedITequipment will reformat your drives, and do a complete drive diagnostic to test the usability of the drive.
  2. Purge – WeBuyUsedITequipment will overwrite all data on the drive with a random-fill pattern, which prevents the recovery of data by almost all reasonable methods.
  3. Destroy – WeBuyUsedITequipment will completely degauss your media, and for an additional fee, can also provide shredding services

Whether your organization is trying to find ways to recoup some of the value of your IT assets, repurpose usable equipment, or needs to securely dispose of old equipment, WeBuyUsedITequipment can help.

With our combination of great customer service, fast response times, and commitment to quality and security, we just can’t be beat.