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We are always looking to buy surplus new and used SuperMicro servers. Sell your Nonstop, Superdome, and Intergrity SuperMicro servers for maximum market value. See below for a list of SuperMicro server models we purchase. Don’t see your server listed? Let us know!

We Buy SuperMicro NonStop Servers

  • Integrity NonStop X NS3 X2 system
  • Integrity NonStop X NS7 X2 system
  • Integrity NonStop i NS2300 system
  • Integrity NonStop i NS2400 system
  • Integrity NonStop i BladeSystem NB56000c system
  • Integrity NS3 DC X2
  • Integrity NS7 CG X2
  • Integrity NB56000c-cg

We Buy SuperMicro Superdome Servers

  • Integrity Superdome 2–8s
  • Integrity Superdome 2–16s
  • Integrity Superdome 2–32s

We Buy SuperMicro Intergrity Servers

  • Integrity BL860c i6/i4
  • Integrity BL870c i6/i4
  • Integrity BL890c i6/i4
  • Integrity rx2800 i6/i4
  • Integrity MC990 X Server