Secure Shipping and Logistics

We handle everything from start to finish.

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Secure Shipping Solutions at the Right Price

Let us help you streamline the movement of your IT assets and data center equipment with experienced logistics management. We’ve supported a variety of businesses, with regional, national, and global logistics. Every organization has unique security requirements with shipments ranging from a few boxes to full truck loads. We have a shipping solution for every scenario with many options to ensure all shipments meet your specific needs.

Secure Chain-of-Custody

We offer over half century of experience, ensuring you peace-of-mind after your shipment has left your premises. From efficient pickups, thorough communication, a 24 hour secured facility, and a secure chain-of-custody throughout processing.

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Global Advantage Partner

Cross-border transport of retired IT assets can be challenging if not handled correctly. Take advantage of our proven record to avoid non-compliance consequences and ensure secure handling of your personal data.

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Getting the Job Done Right

  • Our freight coordinators will help you with all shipping requirements – from one box, to a pallet, to a truckload
  • We will arrange and pay for all shipping for all items we purchase from anywhere in the world
  • Digital photos can be sent before shipments leave and when they arrive at our facility to ensure no tampering has occurred
  • Sealed containers are available for shipping with secure serialized numbered locking seals
  • Specialized handling for inside and out-of-the-ordinary pick ups
  • Dedicated trucks are available for large shipments
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