Data Center Takeouts

Securely removing your data center equipment.

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Data Center Takeout Services

Since 1965, our highly experienced team of equipment experts, project managers, IT asset professionals, and support staff have handled numerous successful data center projects in every major US market.

We have both the technical and logistical capabilities to relocate data centers and IT assets of all sizes. From a single server rack takeout to a warehouse sized data center consisting of thousands of IT assets. Whether your business is in a co-location facility, your own site, purpose-built arena, or even an office closet, we can handle the data center take out.

Over the years our IT equipment specialists have helped hundreds of companies with their data centers being de-commissioned, de-installed, relocated, and re-installed. We are familiar with all IT Enterprise Hardware in the data center today, allowing us to design a complete end-to-end solution that fits your specific needs.