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Don’t take unnecessary risks. Destroy digital data before it leaves your custody. As a leader in the IT equipment industry for over 50 years, We Buy Used IT Equipment has given multiple companies across Southern California a socially responsible alternative to disposing surplus and retired IT assets.

Located in the same, secure location in Rancho Cucamonga for over 25 years, we are proud to boast that we have never experienced one data leak. You can rest assured that your surplus and retired assets are safe from data exposure – GUARANTEED.

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Meeting key industry guidelines

We are well aware of that fact that confidential information on hard drives can become the target of cyber criminals and identity thieves.

When an organization upgrades their storage and hardware, they often fail to neglect the need of proper data disposal. In hopes of preventing such costly mistakes, there are laws set in place to ensure businesses obey to the same high standards of protecting data when disposing of data storage equipment: HIPAA, SOX, GLB, and FACTA.

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Destroy Data Before It Leaves

There are programs designed that may assist in the erasure of sensitive data. Unfortunately, much of this “erasure software” only deletes the temporary files leaving data remains that risk exposure.

Similar to software that erases data from storage drives, there is also software programs that are designed to restore previously erased data back to the drives. Now imagine if your “erased” drives got into the hands of a malicious person with access to this software. The consequences could be detrimental.

Physically destroying your storage drives is the most secure and countlessly proven method to eradicating data. By shredding hard drives, you can give yourself and your business piece of mind knowing that there is no possible way of retrieving the data.

We Buy Used IT Equipment uses the most advanced technology in Mobile Shredding today. We will conveniently come to your location and shred your storage drives, ensuring no data leaves your facility intact. When the job is complete, we provide a certificate of data destruction for your records.

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