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We Buy Sony SLR5 Backup Tape Cartridges

The Sony SLR5 combines tape media and storage technology. Offering 4GB of native capacity and 8GB of compressed capacity, SLR5 Sony tape cartridges offer the perfect blend of effectiveness, dependability, and resilience that your data deserves.

Sony SLR5 Tape Media

  • 4 GB of Native Storage, 8 GB Compressed
  • Part #: SLR58GB
  • SLR5 Drive Supported

Sony SLR5 Performance

Sony SLR5 data cartridge offers excellent performance and is best fit for demanding situations. Sony SLR-5 features 4GB / 8GB recording capacity and secures superior performance and fast searching speed. Sony SLR data storage backup cartridges are logically created with resilient cartridge shell and firm tape medium, delivering unparalleled storage dependability in challenging environments. Fast data searching and superior backup reliability with 8GB (compressed) and 4 GB raw cartridge capacity. Sony SLR 5 system provides excellent growth path for the fast-growing networks, ensures consistency and safe tape handling.

Sony SLR5 Specs

The Imation SLR-32 was created employing revolutionary technologies that delivers a shelf-life of 30 or more years when kept in a constant environment. Imation products are trusted by top IT professionals around the world!

  • Part Number: SLR58GB
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Tape Technology: Storage media – SLR
  • Media Form Factor: 5.25