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The amount of data created on daily basis continues to grow exponentially—and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The IBM 3592JK data cartridge is aimed at helping businesses protect and maintain more data for longer periods of time. IBM solution delivers more than double the storage capacity of previous generations for long-term data storage that provides security as it supports rapid, reliable access to data and helps ensure business resilience.

IBM 3592 JK Tape Media Cartridge

  • 900GB of Storage TotalStorage Enterprise
  • Part #: 46X7453
  • Compatible with IBM TS1120 Tape Drive and Newer

IBM 3592 Overview

The IBM 3592 is a series of tape backup alternatives, tape drives, and magnetic tape data storage media. The 3592 tape series can accumulate up to 10 TB of data (uncompressed) and has a data transfer rate of up to 360 MB/s. All IBM 3592 tapes also are available in a WORM model. The 3592 tape is a ½” wide tape with an advanced magnetic coating. This property allows a high output and signal quality to support TS1120 and 3592 JLA Drives. The magnetic layer is less than 0.2 microns thick with a specially refined coating to improve media reliability and performance.

An IBM Enterprise Advanced Economy Tape Cartridge (EAETC). The IBM 3592 JK Tape Data Cartridge (46X7453) is only supported for use with TS1140 Tape Drives and TS1150 Tape Drives When used with TS1140 Tape Drives, JB media that contains data that is written in native E05 mode is only supported for READ-ONLY operations. Once this data is reclaimed or written in E06 or E07 format, it is supported for READ-WRITE operations.

3592 JK Features and Specifications

  • Protects your Investment with Media reuse and up-formatting
  • Reinforced Cartridge Safeguards against accidental drops
  • Industry Standard Encryption – Enables users to address security concerns by writing encrypted data to tape. Compatible across all TS1120 and newer tape drives
  • Capacity: TS1150 (Model E08) – 900 GB (838.19 GiB) E08 format: 500 GB (465.66 GiB) E07 format
  • Capacity: TS1140 (Model E07) – 500 GB (465.66 GiB)