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Electronics Recycling and eWaste Disposal

Electronics recycling is our bread and butter. We Buy Used IT Equipment has been both saving the environment and companies money, by setting the standard for secure handling and re purposing of used and obsolete electronics.

Recycling of electronics and IT equipment is an essential part of a company’s waste management strategy. If you are looking for a safe and secure way of electronics recycling, then you should consider our proven services. We specialize in ethical disposal and reprocessing of used and obsolete electronics and computer equipment. We can help accomplish legal and conservational goals as a responsible organization.

For over half a century we have worked with all types of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to small and mid-size businesses. We are the one-stop solution for the security, disposal, and recycling of all redundant electronics and IT equipment. We also offer nation-wide collection services.

Let us be the solution to your problem and help your organization stay socially responsible.

Where does ewaste go?

Definitely not to a landfill! Believe it or not, anything from memory and processors to hard drives and circuit boards retain much of their value in gold. The scrap parts are put through the shredder and parted for gold using high power magnets. The non-waste products are rendered non-toxic and properly disposed of. Our electronic recycling service centers have the appropriate EPA licenses for disposing of your e-waste in a socially responsible manner.

Staying Socially Responsible

e-Waste holds numerous pollutants that must be controlled. In fact, some electronic parts must not be open to the elements due to the chance of runoff contaminating soil or ground water. Air emissions from melting of precious metals are controlled by filters and smoke stacks that are high enough to emit into the upper atmosphere, avoiding the contamination of our breathable air.

Putting You and Your Business First

Responsible electronics recycling is the core of our business, and that is why we strive hard to ensure that all technology and IT equipment received by us is recycled and reused appropriately. In some cases, where recycling is not feasible, we ensure that information sensitive equipment is disposed of safely and securely. Depending on the value of your assets that you are disposing of, there might be minimal or zero cost for disposal of less valuable assets. A complete audit trail to all of our clients to ensure data security.

We have worked tirelessly in emphasizing the need for electronics recycling and reclaiming used technology.

We offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective IT equipment clearance and salvaging solutions. Not only that, but we also ensure that the entire process of disposal or recycling is easy and hassle-free.  If you have excess or unused IT equipment, contact us for a proposal and we will contact you with a free and no-obligation offer within 24 hours.