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Who We Are

We are a family owned IT asset recovery company. With over 50 years industry experience we have never had one data breach. Now that's experience you can trust!

IT Asset Recovery

From our equipment buyback and asset liquidation programs to charitable donations and secure shipping, we offer solutions for all your IT asset needs.

Data Security Services

Offering several methods of data destruction, hard drive disposal, and electronics recycling, our secure IT asset disposition (SITAD) process is one of a kind.

We understand that retiring of your old IT equipment while trying to stay compliant and eco-friendly can be quite the balancing act. Developed over half a century, our secure IT asset disposition (SITAD) process makes the experience simple and secure. Learn more by watching our video or clicking the link below.

Protecting Your Data is our #1 Priority

Help is on the Way

Help Your Company

Help your company by turning an unused asset into cash that can be offered on the spot, or transferred as a credit toward new equipment.

Help The Environment

Help the environment by properly disposing of and recycling old equipment. Equipment that has value will be refurbished and resold. For equipment that has little or no cash value we responsibly dispose and/or recycle as the need dictates.

Help Yourself

Help yourself by reducing your workload and removing unused equipment from your storage spaces and inventory lists.

Why Us?

The parent company of We Buy Used IT Equipment, DTC Computer Supplies has been around for over 50 years. With a history like that in the electronics world you know we can be counted on to give you top dollar, protect your data, and make you look great!

When you use a trusted company like We Buy Used IT Equipment you know you are making the right decision. We will remove all asset tagging and restore each piece of hardware to its original factory state.
We ensure your data is safe. For any item that served as data storage medium we maintain a chain of custody and completely eradicate all data using multi pass degaussing equipment or destroy the item sufficiently to ensure no-one will be able to read any data that was present. We will then furnish a data destruction certificate to you or your company.

If you choose to de-install your equipment yourself we will gladly pay the shipping on most items you send to us for re-use. Some restrictions do apply (we need to stay reasonable here), but just give us a call and we can go over the details. 

A big reason many companies do not sell their used IT equipment is that they think the hassle is not worth the benefit. We have developed proven processes and practices that make the experience of selling your obsolete assets a breeze. Our customer support is backed by our knowledgeable technical staff. You will find the process using We Buy Used IT Equipment easy, you will get cash back on your books and reduce storage and inventory overhead. And with free shipping and quotes, plus certified data destruction you will hardly have to think at all!

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