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18 Button Avayaphone-womanArista_DCS7124FXF_7124FX_24port The buying and selling of used IT equipment is sometimes confusing, as well as one of those to do list items that continually gets pushed to the back burner. What are we going to with all of these old hard drives? Network switches? IP phones and telecom equipment? Tape drives and libraries? Servers or memory? Where do we start? What is the value – how do we avoid being ripped off? How do we make sure we are in compliance? Where am I going to get the time to devote to this project? How can we securely transport these items to another location?  WeBuyUsedITequipment.net simply and conveniently helps you through these and many other issues – simple processes, friendly and efficient service, full compliance and documentation, high value buybacks, etc.  Let us show you how and do the work for you! Our family owned and operated business has 40 plus years of experience and an impeccable record in the electronic recycling and secure data eradication business ensuring the safety of your data on any storage media products. This provides the confidence that your project will be handled efficiently, accurately, on time, and with the utmost integrity. WeBuyUsedITequipment.net has been at the same company owned facility for over 20 years – Secure, Alarmed with central station monitoring, Video Surveillance monitoring, your equipment and data is safe.  What do you have available now?
  • Hard Drives
  • Servers and Memory
  • IP Phones and Telecom and VOIP
  • Network Switches
  • Data Tape Media
  • Tape Drives and Libraries
Recycling of electronics and IT equipment is an essential part of a company’s waste management strategy. If you are looking for a safe and secure way of disposing or recycling old electronics and IT equipment, then you should consider our recycling services. We specialize in ethical disposal and recycling of used and obsolete electronics and computer equipment. We can help accomplish legal and conservational goals as a responsible organization. Is your organization getting ready for a big upgrade?  Do you need to consolidate data centers?  Are you going to be disposing of, or repurposing a lot of IT Equipment? IT Asset Disposition and Recovery programs allow your problem or excess inventory to be converted into cash. WeBuyUsedITequipment.net’s large outlet network for obsolete, used, and overstock new IT products allows us to provide you with the maximum amount of residual value for your inventory. We love a challenge – let us know how we can help today. Submit you list or questions here:    https://webuyuseditequipment.net/sell-assets/submit-equipment-list/