Sell LTO 6 Backup Tape

sell lto 6

A Greener, More Efficient Solution

Do you need to sell LTO 6 tapes that are no longer in use? Let us help! Rather than building a large surplus of unused tapes around the workplace, We Buy Used IT Equipment will help you sell LTO 6 tapes quickly and for high market value. The largest, high-security industries in the world depend on tape backup for archiving, disaster recovery, and even cloud backup as their data requirements continue to grow.

Sell LTO 6

What is LTO 6?

LTO-6 Ultrium are a cost-effective backup technology for business. The LTO-6 drive uses the latest interface to allow for easy installation and merger into any data center. These tapes offer 6.25 TB capacities with transfer speeds of up to 1.45 TB/hr.

What is LTO Used For? 

In today’s data center, tape storage is being replaced by disk and other recent data storage methods. However, tape technology still has its benefits. Tape is better fit for long-term storage and archiving than disk storage thanks to its reduced cost, higher capacity and transportability.

LTO 6 Ultrium tape storage, is typically used for data backup, archiving and offline storage. LTO 6 can also be used for high-capacity transfers, in some cases physically moving terabytes of data faster than an upload to the cloud or a remote data center.

LTO 6 Specifications and Key Features

  • LTO 6 capacity: 6.25TB of data on each cartridge
  • LTO 6 speed: up to 400MB/s (1.4TB/hr)
  • Drag and drop: files in native format directly to LTO media using LTFS, no backup software needed
  • Secure protection: with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption
  • WORM: (Write Once, Read Many) functionality
  • Partitioning capability
  • Backward compatibility: up to 2 generations

Improved Intergration

LTO 6 tape drives also provide two generations backward read and write compatibility and one generation backward read compatibility.

Enhanced Security

256-bit data encryption help keeps data secure while not impacting back up or restore performance. In addition, LTO 6 is WORM capable letting companies like healthcare, financial, and government industries meet strict regulatory requirements.


Quantum's LTO-6 tape drives use less power than LTO-5 drives, making a "greener" and more energy efficient solution.

How to Sell LTO 6

  1. Send us your list. (include Brand, Quantity, and Condition)
  2. Our data supply experts will audit your LTO 6 tapes and make an offer.
  3. We pay shipping! (Including labels, trucks, and other security needs.) 
  4. At our secure facility, tapes are held under 24-hour surveillance.
  5. Tapes are inspected and erased 100% of data. 
  6. Certificate of Data Destruction provided along with payment.

Below is a list of LTO 6 tape cartridges we purchase.

Part #ManufacturerDescription
29080IMATIONLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
62032TDKLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
229558MAXELLLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
16310732FUJILTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
00V7590IBMLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
C7976AHPLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
LTX2500GSONYLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB
MRL6MQN01QUANTUMLTO-6 Ultrium Tape 2.5/5.0TB

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