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We Buy 3592 JB JJ JC Tapes

We Buy Used IT Equipment Buys and Sells used 3592 JA, JB, JC and JJ tape.

You do not have to wonder “how do I sell my 3592 Tape.” We Buy Used IT Equipment has the experience and resources to provide you the best value for your 3592 tapes.

Our Data Destruction process excels at securing that your organization complies with SOX, HIPPA, DOD, GLBA, FACTA, and other industry standards required by securely recycling 3592JA, 3592JB, 3592JC and 3592JJ products. Our recycling service will provide a certificate of data destruction that fulfills your security needs. Secure data destruction of 3592 tapes is a top priority of We Buy Used IT Equipment. We used the industry’s best technology and techniques to securely erase your 3592 tapes!

Not only will you help your company by turning unused assets into cash, but you will also help the environment by properly disposing your end of life equipment.  Our e-waste initiative has provided Fortune 500 customers with Recycling Services since 1965. Take a look at the selection of 3592-JA, 3592-JB, 3592-JC and 3592-JJ back up tapes that we refurbish and sell for reuse by the data industry. Contact us to ewaste your 3592 media!


3592 Buyback


Part #ManufacturerDescription
26400390FUJI3592 Cleaning Cartridge
18P7535IBM3592 Cleaning Cartridge
23R9811IBM3592 Extended JB 700GB/2.1TB
23R9815IBM3592 Extended JB 700GB/2.1TB
23R9830IBM3592 Extended JB 700GB/2.1TB
23R9831IBM3592 Extended JX/JB 700GB/2.1TB WORM
26400310FUJI3592 JA 300/900GB
18P7534IBM3592 JA 300/900GB
18P9263IBM3592 JA 300/900GB
18P9271IBM3592 JA 300/900GB
46X7452IBM3592 JC 4/12TB
46X7452LIBM3592 JC 4/12TB
46X7452LIIBM3592 JC 4/12TB
26400320FUJI3592 JJ 60/180GB Economy
24R0316IBM3592 JJ 60/180GB Economy
24R0448IBM3592 JJ 60/180GB Economy
24R0452IBM3592 JJ 60/180GB Economy
46X7453IBM3592 JK/JC 500GB/1.5TB Economy
18P7538IBM3592 JW/JA 300/900GB WORM
46X7454IBM3592 JY/JC 4/12TB WORM


Compatible 3592 Tape Drives and Libraries Buyback

We are also very interested in buying and selling 3592 tape drives and libraries. Below is a list of the tape drives and libraries compatible with 3592 tape. We will quote you quickly for your 3592 tapes and 3592 tape drives and libraries.

Model NumberBrandVersionMedia TypeCapacitiesMiscellaneous Notes
TS1150IBM3592 E08 DJD JZ JC JY JK JL10TB 7TB 2TB 900GB360 MBps 800 MBps
TS1140IBM3592 E07 CJC JY JB JX JK4TB 1.6TB 500GB250 MBps 800 MBps
TS1130IBM3592 E06 BJB JX JA JW JJ JR1TB 640GB 128GB160 MBps 400 MBps
TS1120IBM3592 E05 BJB JX JA JW JJ JR700GB 500GB 100GB104 MBps 400 MBps
3592-J1AIBM3592 JaguarJA JW JJ JR300GB 60GB40 MBps
TS3500 3584IBML23 L53 D23 D53 D22 D52 L52 HA1 SC1TS1150 TS1140 TS1130 TS1120 J1ALibrary
TS4500IBML25 D25 S25TS1150 TS1140Library
3494IBML12 L14 L22 D12 D14 D22 D24 HA1 S10TS1120 J1ALibrary
3953IBMF05 L05 C06J1ALibrary
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