Sell LTO backup tapes

sell lto back up tapes

LTO Ultrium

The Ideal Data Storage Solution

Quantum MR-L8MQN-01


IBM 01PL041

Fuji 16456574

HP C7977A

IBM 38L7302

Quantum MRL7MQN01

Sony LTX6000G

Dell 342-5450

Imation 29080

Fuji 16310732

HP C7976A

IBM 00V7590

Quantum MRL6MQN01

Sony LTX2500G

TDK 62032

Fuji 16008030

HP C7975A

IBM 46X1290

Imation 27672

Maxell 229323

Quantum MRL5MQN01

Sony LTX1500G

TDK 61857

Dell 0YN156

Fuji 26247007

HP C7974A

IBM 95P4436

Imation 26592

Maxell 183906

Quantum MRL4MQN01

Sony LTX800G

HP C7973A

LTO Ultrium 24R1922

LTO Ultrium data tape format is the ideal data storage solution. LTO is produced by some of the most respected names in the industry including: HP, Fuji, IBM, Quantum, and Sony. It is referred to as an “open format”, allowing multiple vendor products to work in unison. Originally, LTO Ultrium was developed as a stand-in for DLT and with a similar design. LTO delivers a wide range of system applications where capacity, transfer rates, and reliability are critical. This supreme data tape technology is defined by a road map securing reliability well into the future.

The standard form-factor of Linear Tape Open (LTO) technology is known as Ultrium. The earliest form could hold 100 GB of data in a single cartridge. A latest version released can hold 12 TB in a cartridge of the same size. LTO Ultrium is commonly used with small and large computer systems, mainly for backup. 


LTO Features


Regardless of vendor, LTO tapes and drives have the ability to be substituted for one another. The LTO 7 Type M format is very unique in the way it allows for forward and backward compatibility. LTO 7M is actually an LTO-7 tape cartridge with a special bar code label on it. The label tells the LTO-8 tape drive to format the LTO-7 media as a Type M cartridge.

High Performance

The latest generation of LTO technology (LTO-8 and LTO-7 Type M) offers maximum capacity and output. The LTO-8 model offers 12TB of storage native, 30TB of storage compressed and transfer rates up to 472 MB/s.


Tape is one of the most proven storage technologies available. Durability and dependability are the key advantages that tape has over other storage media. Unlike storage media such hard drives or SSDs, tape has a much longer life expectancy reaching up to 30 years, whereas hard drives can become obsolete after 5 years. Tape is also less prone to risks than modern drive storage. Physical problems such as broken or damaged hard disks, or software failures can lead to loss of data. On the other hand, data on magnetic tapes can be read decades after it was saved.


Tapes held offline have less risk of data loss due to accidental or intentional error. Data tapes can also be stored at secured off-site facilities to ensure protection of critical data in the event of a catastrophe.

How to Sell LTO Tape

We are looking to purchase new and used LTO tape and tape storage. We are currently looking for HP LTO 3 and all brands of LTO 4, LTO 5, LTO 6, LTO 7 and LTO Ultrium Tapes. We Buy Used Tape offers complete chain-of-custody and secure data eradication in compliance with government and industry regulations. Maintaining data security is our number one priority in the data destruction process. We are currently buying a variety of Fuji, HP, IBM, Quantum, Sony, TDK, Maxell, Imation, LTO Ultrium, and C7973A tapes. Turn your surplus LTO tapes into cash or credit towards new data center supplies.

  1. Send us your list. (include Brand, Quantity, and Condition)
  2. Our data supply experts will audit your LTO tapes and make you an offer.
  3. We pay shipping! (Including labels, trucks, and other security needs.) 
  4. Upon receipt at our secure facility, tapes are held under 24-hour surveillance.
  5. Tapes are inspected and erased 100% of data. 
  6. Certificate of Data Destruction provided along with payment.