Sell Juniper Servers & Networking

sell juinper severs

We are always looking to buy surplus new and used Juniper networking equipment. Sell your Juniper enterprise switches for maximum market value. See below for a list of Juniper networking systems we purchase. Don’t see your equipment listed? Let us know! 

Juniper networking platforms provide a high-density, high-performance basis for your most challenging data center and cloud environments. As businesses grows, data centers must be able to accommodate increased network traffic and users without compromising scalability, manageability, and sustainability. Juniper’s fabric architecture offers support to thousands of ports, scaling to address evolving business needs while maximizing agility and investment dollars.

Sell Juniper EX Series Networking

  • EX2200
  • EX2200-C
  • EX2300
  • EX2300 Multigigabit
  • EX2300-C
  • EX3300
  • EX3400
  • EX4200
  • EX4300
  • EX4300 Multigigabit
  • EX4550
  • EX4600
  • EX4650
  • EX9200
  • EX9250

Sell Juniper QFX Series Networking

  • QFX5100
  • QFX5110
  • QFX5120
  • QFX5200-48Y
  • QFX5200-32C
  • QFX5210-64C
  • QFX10002
  • QFX10008
  • QFX10016

Why sell your servers to us?

Data Security

Your data safety and security are our #1 priority. With over 50 years industry experience, we’ve never had one data leak.

Fair and Honest

Depending on the quantity and condition of your equipment, you will be given a fair and honest quote.

Fast Payment

If you think our quote process is fast, you’ll think the payment process is even faster!

Sell your servers to us today and see how easy it truly is. There’s a reason we’ve been an industry leader since 1965. Let us show you why.