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dell powervault NAS

We purchase new and used surplus storage arrays at a fair market value. With compelling offers, professional service, and free shipping, you’ll see why our reputation speaks for itself.

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  • ClARiiON, Symmetrix, VMAXe Storage Arrays
  • FAS Storage Arrays, Fliers, Disk Drives, Disk Drive Shelves
  • Data Systems, Disk Extension Arrays and/or Drives
  • PS4100XV, PS6000E, PS6100E, PS6100X, PS6100XS, PS6010XV, PS6100XV, PS6510E, PS6510X

    HP P2000 G3 MSA
  • MD1420, MD3200i, MD3220i, MD1220, MD3060e, MD3620i, MD3660f

HBA Adapters 4 GB & 8 GB, Single & Dual Port