Selecting the Best Server for Your Data Center

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Server Selection

Having a better server is necessary to increase performance in the workplace. It must be the first protocol of IT professionals to assess top priorities to develop a protocol on how a server should be chosen while constructing the most efficient workloads.

It is said that servers are essential organs of the modern internet but it is also necessary to select the perfect or most beneficial server to the company’s hardware and software. A perfect server can be chosen which will match, virtualize and bundle the system with the data center, handle any job but for a limited period of time since media is an application that runs businesses are ever-changing and thus, certain applications will require certain server or connectivity. Therefore, to bring less change it is necessary to understand servers. Several organizations deal with huge workloads, which they move into public clouds, local data centers will then require fewer workloads on site. This advantage is brought forward to the IT administrators and business professionals to pursue more value and performance from the dwindling server fleet.

VM Merger and Network I/O

Virtual Machine Merger. It is software, which enables a computer system to take action of a different computer with an operating system. It provides a function similar to a physical computer. A computer performs tasks on a separate computer.

 A server can be a device or a set of programs that fulfill the requests from client computers.

There are many types of servers. They can be categorized depending on their functions.

They are file servers, web servers, database servers, etc. The main difference between a virtual machine and a server is that a virtual machine is a software similar to a physical computer that can run an operating system and related applications whereas a server is a device or software that can provide services requested by the other computers or clients in the network

An advantage of using server virtualization is that it will be able to host several virtual machines on the same physical server in order to use more of a server’s existing resources.

VMs are largely dependent on RAM and processor cores. It can’t be decided exactly how many VMs can exist on any given server because you can arrange them in a way so that they can be used with a more range of memory space and processor cores. However, selecting a server with more memory and processor cores will probably allow more VMs to exist on the same server, improving consolidation.

Like, a Dell EMC PowerEdge R940 rack server can host up to 28 processor cores and offers 48 DDR4 DIMM slots that support up to 6 TB of memory. Some system administrators may choose to pass on individual rack servers with a custom of blade servers for another form factor or as part of hyper-converged infrastructure. Servers meant for high levels of VM merger must contain resiliency server features.

Another thing to consider while choosing a server for consolidation reasons is the extra attention to network I/O. Companies workloads regularly exchange data, access centralized storage resources, and interface with users across the LAN or WAN. Server merging will benefit as a fast network interface, such as a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port.

Visualization and Scientific Computing

VISUALIZING COMPUTING: It is a method in which messages are communicated through creating images, diagrams, or animations. Communicating through visual images has been in history for ages.

SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING: It is usually done with specialized software, though there are a few exceptions. Some of these programs have been released as open-source software, having very often its origins in universities, within an academic environment where sharing software tools and giving access to the source code is common. There are also many proprietary software packages available for scientific visualization tools.

It is the transformation, selection, or representation of data from different experiments, with a direct or indirect geometric structure, to allow the exploration, analysis, and understanding of the data. It helps to focus and emphasize to produce higher-order data using primarily graphics and animation techniques. It is a very crucial part of visualization and probably the first one, as the experiments on visualization and phenomena are as old as science.  There are many different techniques to visualize scientific data, with isosurface reconstruction and direct volume rendering are used mostly.

Graphics processing units (GPUs) helps at the server level with statistically intensive tasks from big data processing and scientific computing to modeling and visualization. GPUs also allow IT to retain and produce sensitive, valuable data sets in a more secure data center rather than let the data flow to business endpoints.

GPUs require more than an extra GPU card in the server, it is due to the reason that there is a slight effect on the server’s traditional processor, memory, I/O, storage, networking, or other hardware. The GPU adapters used in enterprise-class servers use more advanced than the GPU adapters which are used for desktops. Graphics processing units are more available due to more demand as they are highly specific modules that are specially required for blade systems.

Take HPE’s ProLiant Graphics Server Blade for instance. The graphics system flaunts support for up to 48 GPUs if used with multiple graphics server blades. The huge volume of supported GPU hardware enables several users and workloads the ability to share the graphics subsystem.

Following are some factors which you should consider before selecting a server:

Type of performance requirements

Every company has its own purpose, different goals and selects a different market segment to sell their services similarly server providers have several connections to benefit the variety of users. Have a rough estimate about the company’s usage and what additional features do you require from the server. These factors will also affect the type of hardware you are using, whether they are compatible with the type of server are intending to acquire. The company must also be aware of the hardware to acquire effective service.

Look for downtime

Look beforehand what will be the impact if your hosting environment fails. The main advantage of using a dedicated server is that you won’t be sharing your data or your data space with any other company thus, security will be ensured and resources will only be used by the using company. Although a single server is secure it can lead to failure to potential downtime therefore must beforehand calculate the amount of potential downtime it is willing to risk.

Test the quality

Quality of network depends on various factors such as the location of the company, number of users, compatibility with its hardware, selection of bandwidth. The quality of the network will also depend on the servers’ network if the data center is outsourced. It is better to check first whether the devices in the company and your area is capable of using the speed that I promised by the server.

Whether the application is scalable

Check before, whether it will be easy to add more servers in the future if required. Sometimes, some applications can’t be scaled to multiple devices. It is necessary to ensure that a database will be able to run on multiple servers since it is difficult to synchronize several databases. If a database has a higher processing capacity, then it would be easier to move databases.

Selecting a host

It is very necessary to select a proper hosting provider. Since it will be them who will provide the company with professionals and engineers and guide during your concerning moments. It is necessary since a company must check what type of service it would get and whether the company will be satisfied with the expertise or not, especially if they would understand the company’s concerns and requirements. Check up on the server provider’s background to review their services and their commitments towards their promises.

Since the server is the medium through which major to minor work will be done or in other words, the whole business will run. Thus, it is very necessary to look and pick a server carefully as it is what will help the company to reach the company’s desired market segment and show its user what the company truly stands for. If the server is not committed to their promises, then the company even if willing will not be able to fulfill their duties even if the company is entirely ready. As mentioned earlier it is necessary to choose to sever very carefully since businesses depend on it.

Lastly, keep in check with the budget of the company since it is also an integral factor for deciding the best server for the company.