Refurbished Server Guide: Smart Savings

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Refurbished servers offer organizations an affordable way to maintain or upgrade their performance without spending a fortune on a brand-new server.

refurbished servers

Business leaders look for hidden gems, small changes, adaptations, or adjustments that can help keep costs down or improve corporate reputations. One of these hidden gems could be in your server room or data center. 

Modern business depends on data; enterprises, organizations, and government agencies need a working data center to act as the brains of their entire operation. The humble server is one of the most costly components of this business-wide brain. 

Turning your attention to the world of refurbished servers allows you to find the perfect hidden gem to reduce IT costs without sacrificing performance. Today, we discuss the value of refurbished servers and how they can be the jewel you need for your organization’s IT crown. 

What Makes a Server ‘Refurbished’?

When researching servers, you’re likely to encounter several conditions a server can come in—new, remanufactured, refurbished, and used. Aside from the obvious “new” condition, a common misconception is that the other three are interchangeable. Let’s break down that myth. 

Used, remanufactured, and refurbished all mean different things. Used servers, for example, are as-is products sold without any testing, repairs, warranties, service commitments, or support. While used servers are the most affordable option, they present elevated risks, such as reduced expected lifecycle and data security. 

Remanufactured servers are servers a company rebuilds to be indistinguishable from out-of-the-box new models. They undergo stringent cosmetic evaluations, have like-new warranties, and may even come with upgraded internal hardware, but often at a minuscule price advantage over new products. 

Finally, we have refurbished server options. Refurbished servers are servers that a previous business or organization owns and operates but trades in for a variety of reasons. These refurbished servers undergo a total reconditioning process that includes a reset to factory defaults, rigorous testing of all components, and reconfiguration for new users. 

This process also involves:

  • Secure data sanitization to remove any trace of previous users’ data.
  • Thorough testing of components, including hard drives, processors, power supplies, fans, and adapters (if necessary), and replacement of faulty parts.
  • Produce certifications of data destruction and compliance documentation.
  • Reconfiguration and Repackaging with all required/necessary components. 

While a refurbished server might show some light wear or cosmetic blemishes, it’s functionally new. It will be as close to out-of-the-box as you can get without springing for a remanufactured or new model at steeper price points. Refurbished servers even come with certifications of their reliability and warranties should something unexpected happen. 

The Economic Advantage of Refurbished Servers

Budgets are tighter than ever, which means creative thinking is essential, especially when it comes to data infrastructure. Many businesses overlook refurbished servers as an economically viable option, but they’re missing out on some of the best benefits. 

These benefits include: 

  • Equipment with a similar performance level as new at a fraction of the cost.
  • More affordable to upgrade to higher-performing equipment.
  • Scale your operations by supplementing current equipment with refurbished servers and avoid all-new equipment expenses.
  • Sell your old equipment for refurbishment and recoup capital.
  • Slower rates of depreciation and lower cap-ex spending. 
  • Extend the lifecycles of equipment, providing longer functionality from costly equipment. 
  • Rigorous testing to prove reliability, potentially saving you money on repairs.

Depending on your infrastructure needs, a new server can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. A refurbished server costs a fraction of that, and many come with warranties that give you peace of mind. 

Performance and Reliability

Another misconception about refurbished servers is they have reduced performance capabilities or reliability. The robust testing and certification that refurbished servers undergo means they often receive a better inspection during a refurbish than during initial production. And that stats don’t lie, either. 

According to Statista, brand-new servers experience a failure rate of 5% within the first year. In contrast, a refurbished server will have any problematic components replaced, reducing the likelihood of a failure. 

New servers promise upgraded performance, but businesses don’t need to upgrade as frequently. Lifecycles of servers can be ten years or more, meaning you can invest in a refurbished server and expect several quality years of performance before needing an upgrade. 

A company like We Buy Used IT Equipment professionally refurbishes servers to bring them to a like-new state, resetting equipment to factory standards. Along with robust refurbishing standards, We Buy Used IT Equipment also provides ongoing support to ensure everything operates smoothly.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Environmental responsibility is a cornerstone of modern corporate social responsibility (CSR). It means reducing corporate environmental footprints, offsetting ecological impacts, and removing harmful practices from operations. 

With many businesses adopting green initiatives to save money, reduce waste, and resonate with customer concerns, refurbished servers are a practical and effective way to minimize your company’s environmental impact. Choosing refurbished servers means choosing less environmental waste. 

Purchasing a refurbished server gives equipment a second life, keeping electronic waste out of landfills longer. You also reduce the need to produce new servers, which means less need for harmful mining and manufacturing, further offsetting your environmental footprint. 

Investing in reusing, recycling, and refurbishing working servers shows your dedication to corporate sustainability, marking a massive win with consumers. Plus, a responsible retailer like We Buy Used IT Equipment helps you find servers that meet your needs while reducing your environmental impact. 

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

Buying a refurbished server doesn’t have to be stressful or concerning, especially when you find the right retailer. Regardless of where you start your search, you should always keep an eye out for a few key details every refurbished server should have, such as: 

  • Total data destruction – Data destruction or sanitization ensures no trace of prior data remains on the server. This step in the refurbishing process prevents data leaks and security breaches while remaining compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, DoD, and PCI requirements. 
  • Certifications – You should look for data destruction or sanitization certificates, compliance documentation, and server reports that detail server specs. 
  • Warranty and support – Rest easy with customer support and warranties to secure your purchase. 
  • Reconfigurability – Look for servers and providers that enable custom configurations for additional security. This feature is essential for DoD and healthcare, where data security is constantly threatened. 

When you buy a refurbished server from We Buy Used IT Equipment, you can buy with confidence thanks to our 90-day no-hassle warranty. We also provide the must-haves mentioned above, including customizability to meet your needs. 

Where to Buy Refurbished Servers

There’s no unique back alley shop you must find to locate high-quality refurbished servers. Many manufacturers have brand-specific refurbished websites where you can shop, like any other online platform.

The drawback is these sites rarely have servers from other brands, giving you limited options. We Buy Used IT Equipment gives you a more comprehensive selection by offering options from multiple brands, allowing you to find the perfect server. 

We Buy Used IT Equipment also offers reporting and certifications on refurbished servers, allowing you to buy with confidence and trust our selection of high-quality equipment. Our 4.1-star rating across nearly 300,000 reviews is a testament to our customers’ satisfaction. 

Partner with We Buy Used IT Equipment for Trusted Solutions

Unlike new or used servers, refurbished servers are a high-quality option sitting between the sketchy as-is market and the inflated ticket prices of new equipment. They’re also a more affordable alternative to remanufactured servers. 

Investing in refurbished servers enables you to invest in the IT infrastructure you need at a fraction of the cost of a new server while providing the same performance. You can even upgrade performance levels and still save money over brand-new devices. 

At We Buy Used IT Equipment, we certify our refurbished servers and rigorously process each one to restore them to like-new quality. Improve your bottom line and environmental CSR with a refurbished server from We Buy Used IT Equipment. Get a quote today!