Solid State vs Hard Disks

Depending on your storage technology, there are very different ways that media must be destroyed. Here is a brief description of solid state and hard disk and their appropriate destruction technique.

Solid state drives are becoming more commonly found in computers, laptops and mobile devices. SSDs store information on microchips and have no moving parts. While on the other hand, hard disks record information on a storage platter via a mechanical arm with a read/write head. This platter is coated with magnetic media which records binary data. Solid sate does not contain any magnetic coasting. Instead they rely on processors and interconnected flash memory chips.

Degausses can be used on HDD since they are magnetic media. SSDs on the other hand have to be destroyed using other specialized equipment. It is important to pay attention to the technology your organization is using. Depending on your storage solutions, there can be different methods to properly destroy your data.

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