7 Pass Erase

we provide a 7 pass erase

7 pass erase is one of the overwriting methods we use to provide data security while still allowing for re-use of media. This is an economical alternative to completely destroying or degaussing media. We can help you to determine whether your data is suitable for a 7 pass secure data erasure.

If your business has data that is not highly-sensitive, 7 pass erase is a secure method of erasing your data. In this method our proprietary software writes over disk space seven times. This provides a highly secure wiping of disk data. This method is compliant with the DOD 5220.22-M specification. The 5220.22-M specification calls for three passes, but our software performs seven. Take a look at the following chart to see our process for a secure erase of your HDD.

Algorithm Used by Our Proprietary Software


Pass Data written
In binary notation In hexadecimal notation
1 11110110 0xF6
2 00000000 0x00
3 11111111 0xFF
4 Random Random
5 00000000 0x00
6 11111111 0xFF
7 Random Random