Asset Recovery

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Is your organization getting ready for a big upgrade?  Do you need to consolidate data centers?  Are you going to be disposing of, or repurposing a lot of IT Equipment?

IT Asset Disposition and Recovery programs allow your problem or excess inventory to be converted into cash. WeBuyUsedITequipment’s large outlet network for obsolete, used, and overstock new IT products allows us to provide you with the maximum amount of residual value for your inventory: 

Asset Recovery Program

We buy your surplus new or used IT equipment

CASH, CREDIT, or DONATION program – You choose!

Tape and Hard Drive Re-Certifying Services

Your tapes or hard drives are returned to you like new with full warranty. Our data tape disposal service leads the industry with uncompromising value. depending on the storage type we use degausser or securely eradicate your tapes, magnetic media and hard drives.

New and Refurbished Equipment

  • Let us quote the products you need to purchase for the highest value available
  • Completely cleaned, tested, certified, and re-packaged
  • All products come with a written warranty

Data Security

None of your data is ever read!
Confidentiality Agreements and Data Destruction Certificates ensure data safety

Our purchasing process ensures that your transaction is handled efficiently, professionally, and that you receive your payment as quickly as possible. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

Step 1: Send us an inventory list and your inventory list is evaluated.

Submit on the website, Fax: 909-466-7682, or Email:

Our sophisticated sales capability provides an abundance of knowledge for the marketability of over 25,000 different IT related items. Offers are based on many different factors such as product condition, market fluxuations, brands, shipping location, and quantities.

Step 2: Mutually acceptable price and terms are established.

Your transaction is confirmed via purchase order and routed to our expediting coordinator. You receive a confirmation via email. You are contacted right away with shipping instructions. We arrange and pay for shipping.

Step 3: Shipment and Receipt.

Our staff works with you to figure out the most efficient transit method. You prepare the inventory for a safe trip and include a copy of our purchase order to ensure smooth processing. One of our unique strengths is the ability to efficiently handle large, diverse lots of inventory items. Secured shipping is available. Each item being received is verified to minimize receiving errors.

Step 4: Payment is issued.

The purchase total for your received products are entered into our AP system for prompt payment. For larger transactions, partial pre-payments are available.