Electronics Recycling Best Practice

Electronics Recycling Best Practice


With every new technology roll out, there are new functionalities and efficiencies. Along with all of these benefits is the problem of managing what to do with your end-of-life equipment. There are two very important factors that make the process of e-wasting equipment a major concern. These two factors are the environment and security.

In terms of the environment, all that old equipment has chemicals that release damaging particles. These particles seep into the ground and damage our water supply.  Moreover, Data breach is a very common issues when equipment is improperly disposed. The following guide will help you with determining the best strategy for e-wasting equipment within your organization.

Each year e-waste is expanding exponentially.

Help combat this in a way that is safe for your organization.

  1. Be aware of local and federal regulations. Legislative issues can propose a liability for failing to adhere to sound disposal practice.
  2. Sanitize before disposal. Software tools help to erase data and destruction techniques can be used to physical destroy hardware.
  3. Re-use or sell. Used equipment has value and it is a positive alternative to filling landfills.
  4. Find a recycler that is reputable.
  5. Donate your equipment to charities.

Security is Priority

Most of us are legally obligated to ensure that sensitive or personally identifiable client information is protected. The easy solution to this is that nothing that is disposed of should have readable data.

In the following blog, “How to Securely Erase Hard Drives (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs) in 2016,” we show that many individuals will sell their drives without properly erasing information and thus many of them have data leaks. These leaks include company emails, spreadsheets containing sales projects, and product inventories. It becomes quickly apparent that it is very easy to make sensitive data available to an unintended audience. Moreover, even if information is not used for illegal purposes, owners of disposed equipment can still be held accountable for negligence.

How Do You Remove Sensitive Data?

For Hard Drives and Solid State Drives take a look at our previously mentioned article which gives an in-depth discussion on the topic. To sum it up, your drives should go through erasure software many times over or should be completely destroyed. If you are comfortable with using software to erase your drives, take a look at Darik’s Boot and Nuke. If you’re not a Tech guru, no problem.

Electronic recycling firms can take care of the problem so that you can focus on other stuff. However, not all electronic recyclers are created equal. Do your research and make sure you are picking a reputable recycler and maybe one that has been certified to participate in the e-recycling industry.

Ask your recycler for a certificate of destruction. This document will help with determining the legitimacy of the firm. The document also comes in handy in case you ever have to deal with future legal questions.

Stay Vigilant of the Environment and Sensitive Information

You organization will inevitable upgrade to new equipment in order to keep up with the modern technical environment. Disposal of obsolete equipment is major concern that should be properly handled to protect both the environment and sensitive information. WEBUYUSEDITEQUIPMENT.NET has the resources to properly handle the disposal of your used and end-of-life equipment.  Take a look at our certificate of data destruction and fill out the quote on the right for a quick and hassle-free recycling service.

How to Securely Erase Hard Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSDs) in 2016


Information security is top priority for most of us. Being the victim of a data breach or identity theft is a costly problem that can be avoided when using the right tools. The firm Blancco Technology Group did an interesting analysis of second hand hard drives and SSDs. In Balancco’s study “The Leftovers: A Data Recovery Study,” they found that out of the 200 hundred second hand HDDs and SSDs, 67% contained pemaersonally identifiable information and another 11% contained sensitive company information.

These second hand drives were not purchases from arbritrary places, they could have been purchases from ordinary places like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist and the like.  To help you with this huge issue, we are going to explain the minimum level of security you should take when disposing or selling storage devices.


There are three effective ways of securely erasing your HDDs.

Software is often times the most used method for erasing hard disks. The process however is not fast and one needs to be very mindful not to accidently delete data on the computer operating the eraser. Darik’s Boot and Nuke is an excellent tool for erasing HDDs. Be aware that this software works specifically for hard disks and does not work as effectively for SSDs. This software is downloaded and installed on a bootable device such as a CD, DVD, or bootable USB. Once installed, the computer used to erase the HDDs will need to be booted from the bootable device.

The interface is relatively intuitive and there is an excellent array of wipe methods including DOD 5220.22-M and Gutmann Wipe. The one thing that you need to be very careful about is to only wipe the data from the targeted hard disk. If you are using your personal computer you will see in production hard disks along with the targeted one. To avoid this confusion it might be best to just unplug the non-target hard drive. Additionally, because the process is long, it might be best to use an old PC so that your current PC is not unusable.

Hard Drive Data Erase Software

Hardware is another method used to erase hard drives. This method is easier than the one previously mentioned. Users simply purchase a device that connects to your hard disk and run through the process. WiebeTech Drive eRazer Ultra is a very simple tool that is reliable and effective. This device costs you about 250. It has the added benefit of being faster than the previously mentioned software and is generally easier to use.

Hard Drive Data Erase Hardware

Destruction of disks is the most effective way of guaranteeing information is irretrievable. None of the previously mentioned methods guarantee that they will work on hard disks that are defective. Companies like WEBUYUSEDITEQUIPMENT.net will use equipment like shredders to streamline the process of destroying hard drives. However, for end users, another effective method is removing the platter from within the hard disk and puncturing/bending the platter with a nail and hammer. This guarantees that information is irretrievable. To be safe we recommend that you puncture the disk at least three times and bend the platter with a hammer.

Hammer Destruction Hard Drives Shred Destruction Hard Drives


Wiping data on SSDs is significantly more complicated. One of the best ways to wipe data on SSDs is to head over to the manufactures website and use their recommend software for the task at hand. All major manufactures have their own propriety toolbox that works specifically with their SSDs.

Take a looks at the specific manufacturers documentation and once again be very mindful not to delete SSDs that are in production. Mess up and your relevant data will be lost forever. I am a heavy user of Samsung’s Magician software. The software is very intuitive, users just click through options much like installing software on a computer. We recommend that you read through the manufactures documentation and maybe watch a few YouTube videos until you feel comfortable with using the software. Here are a links to a few other manufacture software.


If your SSD is defective, once again the best method for securely eradicating your data is to destroy the SSD. This is a little trickier than a HDD because SSDs store information on a flash chip. Our company once again uses a specialized SSD shredder for this, but you can use a hammer and nail to puncture the storage chip on the SSD.

Let Us Help You

No matter what method you plan to use to secure your data, we highly recommend that you do the minimum requirement to securely erase your data. Many of you are looking to sell you hard drives and SSDs and the above options can be time consuming, sometimes costly, and very dangerous to your information if done incorrectly.

WEBUYUSEDITEQUIPMENT specialized in securing that your information is irretrievable. Depending on your need we will either securely wipe your data so that we can do the Eco-friendly approach to reuse your drives or we will completely shred your drive for a fee. We deal with Hard Drives and SSDs at high volume, this allows the process of securely eradicating data to be cost effect and easier.

If you are looking to sell your drives, we can pay for shipping and give you an excellent pay check based on current market value. When we are done we will give you a certificate of data destruction that shows you and your organization is completely compliant with regulatory agencies such as HIPPA and SOX. Fill out the form on the right to get a quick quote for your HDDs and SSDs.